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Low Cost Greenhouse Farming Training

Foundations - Insert GI pipes of minimum 60 to have foundation depth of 75 cm or more depending upon soil type and prevailing wind condition, grouted with cement concrete mixture of 1 :2:4 using grouted with cement concrete mixture of 1 :2:4 using telescopic insertion of column.


Suggested technical specifications of Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse

  • Size - As per requirement from 1000 to 4000 square meters

  • Bay size - 8m x 4m Ridge height 6.5m Ridge Vent 90 cm opening

  • Gutter height - 4 m from floor area

  • Gutter slope 2% slope need be provided in civil foundation work

  • Gutter material 20 gauge or 1/1.2 mm thick GI sheet with perimeter of 500 mm or more preferably of single length without joint


Structural designs : The structural design need to be sound enough to withstand wind speed minimum 150 km/hr and minimum load of 25 kg/m2


Complete structure made of galvanized steel tubular pipes or equivalent section Conforming Indian Standards having wall thickness 2mm, structural member should be joined with fasteners properly.

  • Columns 76 mm OD, 2 mm/2.9 mm thickness

  • Trusses Bottom 60 mm OD, 2/2.9 mm thickness

  • Top Arches 42 mm OD 2/2.6 mm thickness

  • Trusses member 42 mm/32 mm OD, 2/2.6 mm thickness

  • Purlin 42 mm OD, 2/2.6 mm thickness

  • Purlin member & others 33/25 mm, 2/2.3 mm thickness

  • Fasteners All nuts & bolts must be of high tensile strength and galvanized.


Entrance room & Door : One entrance room of size 3 m x 3 m x 3 m (L x W x H) need to be provided and covered with 200 micron UV stabilized transparent plastic film. 200 micron UV stabilized transparent plastic film. Two hinge doors of size 2 m width.


Cladding material :

  • UV stabilized 200 micron transparent Plastics films conforming Indian Standards (IS 15827: 2009), multilayered, anti drip, anti fog, anti sulphur, diffused, clear and having minimum 85% level of light transmittance.

  • Fixing of All ends/joints of plastic film shall be fixed with two way aluminum or GI profiles

  • Spring Insert Zigzag high carbon steel with spring action wire of 2.4 mm diameter must be inserted to fix shade net into Profile.

  • Curtains and insect screen

  • Roll up UV stabilized 200 micron transparent plastic film as curtains need be provided up to 3.0 m height on all sides Manual opening and closing of curtains shall be provided.

  • 40 mesh nylon insect proof nets (UV stabilized) of equivalent size need to be fixed inside the curtains. Anti flapping strips is fixed to ensure smooth functioning of the curtain.

  • Sliding Shade net

  • UV stabilized 50% shading net manually operated mechanism for expanding and retracting.

  • Drip Irrigation System with fogging & misting facility


Drip irrigation system under greenhouse need to be selected on the basis of crop spacing (design on selected on the basis of crop spacing (design on spacing 45cm x 45 cm) along with fogging and misting facilities. The spacing considered for calculation The suggested bill of materials are Sand Filter 5 m3/hr, Screen Filter 10 m3/hr, Control Valve 1.5", Air Release Valve 1 ", Non Return Valve 1.5", 63 mm, Control Valve 50mm, By-pass Assembly Throttle Valve 1.5", Flush Valve 50mm, Venturi1.5" Assembly with manifold, PVC pipe 63 mm/6 kg cm2, PVC pipe 50 mm/6 kg/cm2, PE plane lateral 16 mm, Emitting pipe lateral 16mm-@ 0.45m spacing, hanging type micro sprinkler nozzle .

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