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Greenhouse Automation System

Greenhouse Automation System

It is a modular device that connects your equipment to the Network. The different Exo units turn on or off the device based on sensor readings from the Brain. Heater Water Pumps Cooling Humidifier Lighting 2.4 GHz Add 10 Devices Live Feed Wireless Communication


Climate Hardware : Pictorial representations of the hardware may be different from the actual hardware, but will meet the defined specifications The Climate Module can be directly placed into the soil as a probe and will continuously gather environmental data to make sure that the crops are growing in their optimal conditions. Light Intensity Temperature Humidity Soil Moisture


Farm feed : Farm Feed is software designed to be a personal grow assistant. It is receives information from the Brain installed at the grow space and is accessible using any wireless enabled device. It displays all the metrics gathered at the farm through the sensors and will allow you to remotely control your grow equipment


Software : Preset Grow and Climate Recipes for maximum yield Remotely control your grow equipment Access to Live Feed(s) of your farm Receive Alerts if your equipment is not functioning Auto correction of climatic conditions to preset levels


Execute a climate recipe best suited for what you want to grow Override recipe pre-sets manually, keep track of all progress Get notified about harvest, output & schedule, plan your sales, supply


Software embedded in the product & the cloud enables:

  • Control of Product functions

  • Personalization of the UX

  • Automation and Tracking of plant growth


Automate : Enable algorithms that optimize product operations to:

  • Enhance Product performance

  • Allow predictive diagnostics and services


Monitor Optimize : Soil Temperature Light intensity Temperature level Humidity level Live Feed CO2 Concentration Cooling system Heating system Fogger System Water Pumps Motion Detection Harvest Growing parameters exceed preset levels.


Control various equipments and functions at the grow space with the push of a button using our products. Set custom growth parameters and let your equipment take care of crops Lighting (LED) System.

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