V R Agritech

Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storage

Prevent & destroy microbial contamination such as bacteria and fungi that occur naturally on fruit and vegetable surfaces, and are responsible for premature decay. The process will leave no residue as is found using chlorine or irradiation treatments with gamma rays. At the producer level, sterilization of fruits and vegetables could reduce the use of pesticides.



  • Incorporate UV fixtures into the production line (i.e over conveyer belts) to bask the products and surfaces prior to packaging maintaining a sterile product ready for distribution and consumption

  • Surface sterilization of meat, fish and poultry, fruits & vegetables, baked goods and packaging

  • Easily incorporates into pre-existing sorting, manufacturing and packaging equipment

  • All Food Safe IL UV Lamp systems are TELFLON coated to insure that no UV Lamp contents will escape in the event of Lamp breakage


Equipment : Food Safe IL units in various widths, equipped with parabolic reflectors and Teflon coated lamps will be positioned equidistant across the conveyer, parallel to the conveyor


Nitrogen Generators : suitable for purities above 99.9%. PSA Nitrogen Generators are robust systems for producing Nitrogen of 99.9% purity

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